What Is Reality

The question of what life is, has been an ongoing investigation throughout the ages. But we can never seem to answer this question, because something else always comes along to throw a stick in the spokes, and derail all of our beliefs. The answer to the question, what is reality, varies from person to person, as they see it. There are 7 billion different answers to that question on this planet right now. This is what makes each and every one of us unique and beautiful. We all live together on one planet, but we all have our own individual talents, skills, styles, personality, and looks. As Albert Einstein once said, each and every one of us is a genius, but if you expect a fish to climb a tree, then that fish will always be stupid. Reality, is taken directly from our own perspective, and we act accordingly. Each and everyone of us has a different experience in life, even if you do all the same things as someone else. Each experience makes us who we are. So how can we answer the question, what is reality?

While on our journey to modern day, we have invented physics, to try and understand what it is that our senses perceive, and how we react to stimuli. We understand what is good for us and what isn’t. We understand what is comfortable, and what is needed to survive. But we don’t understand why. Then along came quantum physics, trying to answer that very question. Quantum physics takes a look at the atomic structure of matter, and has found that every law of the physics we once thought to be true, has been bent, broken, and destroyed, replaced by absolutely no rules at all! Everything we thought we once knew to be true, is entirely wrong! But perhaps this question, cannot be answered by our physical presence. Maybe it is our physical reliance that stops us from understanding reality. Maybe the physical is only a manifestation of reality, experiencing itself. When you break matter down, it doesn’t matter if its alive, metal, wood, the moon, the sun, anything! We are all made up of the same thing. In essence, we are all energy, and all energy is connected. Just because we cannot see this energy doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it means, simply the physical perspective of our reality, isn’t capable of seeing it. Do you think a fish is trying to climb a tree somewhere? Or does it have no idea the tree exists, because its perspective of life, simply doesn’t see it? Human beings are very similar in this respect. Except, we have the extra-ordinary ability, to experience something beyond our physical reality, we have the ability to see how connected everything is, to see the beauty of life. So it’s safe to say, that even though all realities are different for everyone, all realities are also connected, in so many intricate ways that we couldn’t possibly comprehend. Everything in nature has a pattern and a purpose.

This is exactly why our thoughts create our own reality. However, this also our biggest downfall. Because we all believe in different things, we can never agree on anything. We can all experience the same thing, but each perspective comes out differently. Have 10 people watch the same movie, some will say it was great, some will say it sucked and some will say it was ok….They then spread the word, and the reality of the movie gets so confused, we can no longer believe what anyone says about it. This analogy can apply to religions, to theories, and to what we call facts. Isn’t it funny that humans think they know so much, but in the end, really don’t have a clue. Some say this is good for you, others come along and say its bad…. well which is it? Again, we all have our individual, yet connected realities. With so many different realities, we can’t possibly evolve as a species. Instead, wars, famine, poverty, greed, will win out. Our future is right now. What we do today, determines what we wake up to tomorrow morning. This applies in our individual lives, and it applies to our collective lives. Humanity is one race, not 7 billion. We must learn to unite, work together, if we wish to evolve into the future. We live in the year 2012. This is the year that many civilizations, and prophecies have said to be either one of two things, doomsday, or transformation of consciousness. The mayan calendar, was never about the end of the world, the mayan elders themselves have come out and said they expect it to be a time of transition to a higher consciousness for humanity, a time of evolution. Maybe both theories are wrong, but I can tell you one thing that is true, humanity is currently in the most interesting time of our existence. Never before has the current generation been faced with the burden of having to create the future for the next generation. Everything we do, will affect our children. So even if 2012 isn’t a major year, the next 50 years, will be the most important humanity has ever faced.

The reason I have brought up 2012, is because of the strange sounds that have been occuring all over the world. I have talked to many people that have heard these sounds personally, and no one has a clue what they are. You can do a youtube search and find videos from many countries, it is a very strange phenomenon, and certainly makes you wonder. The most important thing is that we do not fear 2012, instead, embrace it. Don’t shut yourself away, don’t get depressed, don’t give up hope. Instead love, and spread love to all of humanity. Enjoy life and help others, be there for them, don’t judge. The more of us that can do this, the better chance we have and the better off we’ll be. Nothing beats a random act of kindness. Whatever 2012 has in store, lets hope that it is not an end, but rather, a beginning.

I saw a new tv show earlier tonight, it is called Touch. It is about an 11 year old autistic kid that cannot speak. Instead he sees patterns in nature that relate to spirituality and how all of humanity is connected. He recognizes patterns and can see the past, present and future, because of how interconnected they are. The first episode was really good, and I highly recommend you watch it. It is nice to see these topics being talked about on mainstream television. As always, thanks for reading!

This video is absolutely brilliant.